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Product Focus: Apex mud flaps with logo

Package Control provides mudflaps in all different types and sizes.

From the wheel flap under the trailer to the full length mudflap at the
rear of the trailer. Custom size enquiries are available on request.

APEX mud flaps are
available in both rubber and PVC versions. The rubber version can be monogrammed using moulding into the rubber. The PVC version of our mudflaps can be printed either on the surface or, like the rubber version, can be moulded into the PVC. High quality materials are also resistant to weathering and high pressure cleaners.
For mudflaps with an
imprint or logo, minimum quantities are required.

We can also offer colour printing on both rubber and PVC flaps.

Gray & Adams Mudflap


embossed monogram on mudflap  anti spray on mudflap

New Catalogue

PCUKWe at Package Control UK Ltd have been working on a completely new version of our website which is now live and we have also completely overhauled our catalogue to a full colour version which shows our product range as images for easier identification. The catalogue is available as a full 90 page download, but has also be broken down into specific sections to reduce the file size for people who mainly take specific areas in our comprehensive line up of products.

These are usefully listed as links below within this email, or if you prefer to browse the whole range without wishing to download, we also have an online version which can be accessed using this link:
http://www.package-control.co.uk/catalogue or click on the CATALOGUE button in the top menu.

Download links to pdf files in the download area:

Complete brochure (27 MB)

Section 1 - Load Restraint Products - 15 MB

Section 2 - Rubber Products - 2 MB

Section 3 - Rolamat Conveying Products - 3 MB

Section 4 - Accessories - 1 MB

Section 5 - Load Lifting Products 9 MB

Section 6 - Conditions of Sale - 1 MB


We look forward to receiving any feedback on our website or catalogue and look forward to hearing from you with any enquiries as a result from your browsing.

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