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Air Loada


This system is available in 3mm & 5mm top plate versions.

The 3mm version is mainly used as a dedicated module for conveying loads in vehicle floors or warehouse applications.

The 5mm version uses all the internal components of our 3mm system, but with the benefit of 5mm heavy duty top plates. This enables it to take traffic & load weights which more than stands up to the general wear and tear that multi purpose, airfreight vehicles and trailers now have to withstand due to the varied work they are asked to undertake. This system, now proven for many years, has dramatically reduced the need for spares due to it's robust features. This is borne out by the systems currently working 24/7 every day without the need for downtime due to replacement parts being required.

Due to it’s unique design, the top plates are secured by two fixing screws enabling quick release and therefore easy maintenance. A pressure of 2.8 bar lifts over 1250Kg per 2 lanes per metre.