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Power Loada


In answer to the industries’ request for powered systems to move the heavier air cargo pallets we introduced a power cargo roller. The compact powered roller consists of a urethane-covered drum and this is driven by a 24 volt integral motor and planetary gearbox to provide a very useable 1600N tangential force. The roller drum is raised against the underside of the load by an airbag in order to transmit the frictional driving force to the load. The roller, motor and gearbox, the wiring and pneumatics are all contained within one easily installed rectangular box unit.

Power-Loada is mounted within the vehicle chassis at a height suitable to allow the weight of the load to be supported by the Air-Loada modules. The urethane covered roller is raised against the underside of the load by air pressure, this will in turn provide sufficient friction for the roller when driven to move the load.

Power_Loada_2When used in conjunction with the Air-Loada system, the Power-Loada cargo rollers will unload a 13.6m trailer automatically in a matter of minutes. The system draws both electrical and pneumatic power from the vehicle, making Power-Loada a neat and self-contained system capable of being used at any remote location. A small, hand held pendant controller with a wander lead cable or a fixed controller station can be supplied as part of the installed kit. This enables loading to be controlled remotely at a safe distance from the moving loads. The operator’s safety and convenience is paramount. Power-Loada is a safe and simple means of loading or unloading vehicles.

Power-Loada is the convenient and cost effective means of loading air cargo pallets or other unit loads into your vehicle, especially when you are away from conventional power supplies. The system including Air-Loada modules can be installed as original equipment during initial build or retro-fitted. It can be fitted to flatbed, step-frame, curtain side or box vehicles.